Notes: The screenplays for both films were co-written by Lang’s then-wife Thea von Harbou, based upon the epic poem Nibelungenlied written around 1200 AD
Plot: Siegfried, son of King Sigmund, hears of the beautiful sister of Gunter, King of Worms, Kriemhild. On his way to Worms, he kills a dragon and finds a treasure, the Hort. He helps Gunther to win Krimhild, a mask that makes him invisible proves to be very useful. But because Brunhild is cursing Kriemhild, she tells her what really happened. Now Brunhild wants Siegfried’s head. Is Gunther going to do her that favor?
Directed by Fritz Lang
Produced by Erich Pommer
Screenplay by Fritz Lang
Thea von Harbou
Based on Nibelungenlied
Starring Paul Richter
Margarete Schön
Hanna Ralph
Bernhard Goetzke
Theodor Loos
Rudolf Klein-Rogge
Rudolf Rittner
Hans Adalbert Schlettow
Georg August Koch
Georg John
Music by Gottfried Huppertz
Cinematography Carl Hoffmann
Günther Rittau
Walter Ruttmann
Copyright: Pre 1928 films copyrights have expired: per 17 § 304

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