Famed movie star Mimi Marlowe almost hits Timmy and Lassie as she is driving around a curve, but she swerves in time and runs off the road instead. While her car is being fixed Mimi leaves her miniature poodle “Le Petit Chou” with the Martins while she’s in neighboring Springfield for a public appearance. Unfortunately, “Cabbage” runs away after encountering the Martin’s nasty goose and Timmy and Lassie must find the frightening poodle before Mimi returns. A very funny episode with a great comedic performance by actress Marie Windsor who does an outstanding job as the wildly flamboyant Mimi. Nice that the writers threw in some funny dialog for the star struck Paul and Ruth.
TRIVIA: Born just two weeks before Christmas in 1919 as Emily Marie Bertelson in Piute County, Utah, Marie Windsor eventually earned the title “The Queen of the Bs” because she appeared in so many B-movies and film noirs during her acting career. She began working in her 20’s as a telephone operator, a stage and radio actress, and a bit and extra player in films. It wasn’t until 1947 that she began playing feature and lead parts in a number of films that included westerns, film noirs, and even science fiction. In the mid-1950’s she switched to television and earned roles in a number of serial westerns and many of the top shows of the time. Windsor was among the 500 stars nominated for selection as one of the 50 greatest American screen legends, as part of the American Film Institute’s 100 years.

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